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The moment you find out your baby’s gender is loaded with excitement and infanticipation. We’re here to help you celebrate the occasion. Let’s make your baby gender reveal party special, together.

Make it dramatic and memorable. Make it beautifully yours.

At Reveal Squad, we believe wholeheartedly in Gender Reveal Parties – or, as we like to consider them, Celebrations of Life. There are as many types of Gender Reveal Parties as there are individual, unique parents – but we’re here to give you some ideas to help you move your celebration along. We’re there for you, every step of the way!

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Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon


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Gender Reveal Smoke Balloon


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Sensational Gender Reveal Secret: It’s a Confetti Bonanza!

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Happy Customers

“I wasn’t sure about throwing a Gender Reveal party. I’d read so much criticism about the idea, I was terrified how people would react! Reveal Squad gave me so much support and encouragement, with so much information on Gender Reveal parties, that I was able to throw a successful reveal party of my own with no fuss. Their stuff is super cute too! Those balloons are gorgeous!”

- Monica, 28

“I decided to combine my Gender Reveal and my Baby Shower. I wanted to give my guests something exciting, so my partner and I opted for Reveal Squad’s confetti balloon. When it was time for the reveal, we popped the balloon, and this blue and gold confetti burst all over the room! I was so happy I actually started to cry! Not to mention the photos are perfect! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Reveal Squad!”

- Jennifer, 36

“I wasn’t sure if my friends would be into a Gender Reveal party, but I still really wanted to have a reveal of my own. This is my first child, and I wanted to savor every single moment and milestone. My best friend bought the smoke pop balloon from Reveal Squad, and arranged the whole thing for me—down to the photographer that caught my happiness when I popped the balloon and a cloud of pink smoke came out. I’m having a girl! OMG!!!”

- Ximena, 22

  About Us

We're a bunch of individuals who are really serious about celebrating with you. We are perfectionists; we want your special day to be memorable and special. Reveal Squad wants your day to be full of joy and surprise. That’s why we have products, advice, testimonials, and videos to help you plan the most beautiful baby gender reveal party ever. We’re here for you. Email us for anything.

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