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SO, you’re a soon-to-be Mom. Now for the exciting part, it’s time to let your close friends and loved ones know if you are having a little he or she. Any fun ideas for a DIY gender reveal yet? We’re glad that you stumbled upon our site as we are about to give you some tips for a surefire way to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy in your own authentic way.

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You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to host a gender reveal party (but if you do decide to go all-out and go glam, would you invite us? We’d love to see it!). You can gather the help of your inner circle of friends and family to keep it small, intimate, and manageable.

The key ingredients to having a successful DIY gender reveal party? Just loads of creative ideas and fun! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you plan that unforgettable baby event:


DIY Gender Reveal: The Bearer of Baby News

Decide who will be the “keeper of good news” to preserve the secret of your baby’s gender. It can be your husband, sister, or best friend. Some expecting moms might want to know the gender of their babies beforehand to know exactly what decorations to use in the gender reveal party.

Other moms meanwhile want to be surprised during the gender reveal. We support either way! We’re sure your party will definitely be one for the books!


Theme It Up

It all starts with a unique theme. You can have a nautical or book-themed gender reveal, or you can still go with the classic blue and pink gender reveal party theme. This should be an enjoyable brainstorming session for you, your husband, and the party planners you choose to get involved. The theme should set the overall tone of your invitations, party, and activities. Be classy, be humorous, be quirky, be different, or just be YOU.

Think about what will bring joy to you and your future little one. Little Prince or Little Princess, Buck or Doe, Pink vs. Blue, or Twinkle Little Star -the possibilities are endless!

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Tweak Your Own DIY Gender Reveal Activities

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing! While you may find a lot of tried and tested reveal games and activities out there complete with elaborate props, you may want to sprinkle this important event with your own unique and home-made ideas. You can tweak these to suit your party and they will not cost so much.

A few rundown of ideas or materials that will get your DIY gender reveal approach rolling would be:


Chalkboard or Poster Board

Make your guests guess your baby’s sex using a chalkboard or poster board. Jazz up how they can cast their votes -from little miss or mister “pin-its” or colorful chalk and pens for team-ups.

A fancy black chalkboard on a stand with blue and pink pompom at the top part of the chalkboard with buntings that say V-O-T-E, with bule and pink things on the left side of the chalk board like, clothespin, marker, pompom placed on a black table, a diy gender reveal voting booth.

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Helium Balloons

You can never go wrong with good ‘ol balloons. They’re fun, colorful, accessible, and you can come up with different variations of activities around “Pop the Balloon” game to reveal the baby’s gender. Load up all the balloons with confetti and you’re all set!


DIY Gender Reveal Scratch-Its

This is a simple but equally fun way of revealing if you are going to have a baby boy or a girl. Bring out your artistic side and create DIY scratch-its using online apps and designs.

You get to stretch your imagination and stay frugal at the same time. Here’s how you can create it:
 – Create the design you want for a scratch-it
 – Print it in the desired size onto clear contact paper
 – Create a 2-inch circle punch to cover the gender reveal image
 – Mix 2 parts paint to one part liquid dish soap and put it in the fridge
 – Paint the clear contact paper’s round shaped area
 – Let it dry and cut the circles or whatever shape you choose for your scratch-it


DIY Photo Booth-Surprise!

You can actually set up your very own photo booth at home. A reveal party is not complete without those wacky and fun guests’ photo shoots so get that booth in place. Capture the crazy and memorable moments of your gender reveal milestone. The photos can also serve as your token of appreciations or giveaways -hitting two birds with one stone.

Here are the items you need for this:
 – A simple backdrop
 – Cute and funny props such as callouts
 – Basic camera or tablet with remote point-and-shoot setting
 – A photo booth app and you’re all set!

Mother and daughter wearing a checkered long-sleeve polo and eyeglasses holding photo booth props like crown and big lips for their diy gender reveal party.

Food For The Bump

Cake is the centerpiece of this event and it can also be used as the main reveal activity. Go all out with your creativity in designing the cake -match the inside icing with the color of your baby’s gender. If you like baking, pour your love and affection into your craft for this wonderful event.

Handy hors d’oeuvres, savory or sweet, are a wonderful choice for food, especially if you can pop them into your mouth easy as pie—it leaves the hands free to play games, write notes, and take photographs!

Think crudites, muffins, cupcakes, soup in shot glasses, or food tailor-fit to match your party theme. Go and fulfill your preggo cravings! Online recipes and tutorials abound and you can personalize as needed.

An old short-haired blonde lady holding a plate of hors d-oeuvres to be served on a diy gender reveal party.

Ultimately, this is your party. Don’t stress or overthink. Relax, have fun with it, and infuse a little bit of your joy into the party. You’re about to embark on a new adventure called motherhood and you should celebrate it your own way.

Get excited, put on your Mommy party hat, and pull off that DIY gender reveal party as if your baby’s due the next morning!

“A baby is a little bit of heaven on earth.” ~ Anonymous

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