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So, you’ve decided to throw a gender reveal party. Isn’t that exciting? It’s time to get your hair done, your nails done, and perhaps even buy a new dress. It’s an excuse to celebrate! Granted, every milestone is an excuse to celebrate, but hey—there are some people out there who don’t think discovering Baby’s gender is reason to throw a party. We say—never mind them! Pregnancy is a beautiful time, and God knows it can be super hard as well. Finding out your baby’s gender can be a really joyful moment. If you want to celebrate that, then GO FOR IT! We’re here to support you with some fun ideas of gender reveal party theme and decors for a creative and cute gender reveal party. (Check out our first few ideas here: What sort of theme should I have for my gender reveal party?)


7 Great Gender Reveal Party Theme and Decors:



4 cupcakes topped with blue icing and a mini mainsail on each cupcake, truffle pop on side with navy signs and edible golden spoons on the other side with marbles scattered on the table for a nautical gender reveal party theme.AHOY! A nautical gender reveal party theme is a wonderfully simple and classy theme. If you’re a boating fan, or you love sailing, then this is a great idea for you. The color schemes are easy to replicate: blue and white stripes for boy and red and white stripes for girl. It’s festive without being flamboyant. You could go all-out thematic and decorate the venue with pictures of anchors and sailboats. “Team Boy” and “Team Girl” could be easily translated into “Team Port” and “Team Starboard,” and you could distribute fun make shift captains’ hats for Team Boy and little anchor pendants for Team Girl. 



A simple gender reveal party theme with 3-layered white cake on top of a wooden table with a basket full of stuffed things on the side and floral buntings on the sky blue wall.The standard blue and pink gender reveal party theme is always a classy option. Blue for boy and pink for girl is unfussy, easy to produce, and timeless. Put it this way: kids change people! So if you’re a true blue goth rocker now, who’s to say you won’t do a total 180 when parenthood comes a-knockin’? It’s happened before, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. That’s why people often choose the blue and pink theme—no matter how much they may change in the future, traditional blue and pink is ageless, and will never go out of style. Besides, it’s so easy to create a blue and pink party; in fact, at Reveal Squad we’ve got just the supplies for you to make it memorable and fun.



Classy gender reveal party theme using the colors of gold, santa barbara green, and white, 3 layered cake on the center, arranged white roses side by side together with some goodies and framed clothes of a baby on back top of the cake.Push the envelope and go all-out glam! Play with the color palette of gold, black, and white, and serve cider in champagne flutes for a lush feel. Team Boy gets cardboard bow ties to stick on to their button-down shirts, and Team Girl gets plastic tiaras. Pump up the volume with confetti and sparklers. Have waiters pass around preggo-friendly hors d’oeuvres, like veggie crudités with a remoulade dressing, tiny cucumber sandwiches, strawberries with chocolate fondue, hummus with pita triangles, and shot glasses filled with preggo-safe gazpacho (just be sure that the fish and/or shrimp is cooked through, for raw seafood is dangerous for pregnant women!).



People playing beer pong using 8 blue plastic cups on a brown table, part of a fatherly gender reveal theme.Let hubby feel super special by giving him a pivotal role in the gender reveal: Master of the Grill! Throw a “Baby-Cue” party for a casual, backyard celebration. (By the way, barbecue gender reveal parties are a fantastic place to employ smoke bombs for the gender reveal itself.) Barbecues are perfect for the easygoing couple: they’re so easy to produce, and they’re a fun and laid back way where everyone can kick back and be themselves. Have one part a Baby “Beer” Pong game (replace the red plastic cups with blue and pink ones instead, and put apple juice instead of beer!), and have a photo booth for your guests to pose with crazy hats and fun accessories. How much fun is that?



A rubber ducky gender reveal party theme with a blue cake topped with a rubber duck and edible mini bubbles with yellow and orange plastic cups, yellow striped plates, yellow spoons and blue buntings on the background.Isn’t yellow such a fun color? It’s sweet, cheerful, and energetic. Rubber duckies are an iconic symbol of infancy: they speak of the innocence, playfulness, and softness of a sweet and aromatic newborn baby. A rubber ducky gender reveal party theme is gender neutral. Even if you opt for a pink and blue confetti or smoke bomb for the reveal itself, doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same color scheme! Rubber Ducky parties are so fun to produce. Bring in lots of bubbles to remind people of bath time, and decorate the party in blue, yellow, and white.



Wood-like cake with animals that lives in the forest, a gender reveal party theme for adventurers.Lionhearted and spirited adventurers will love this gender reveal party theme. It’s bursting at the seams with outdoorsy, gutsy fun. If you’re expecting kids at your gender reveal party, this is a great theme to employ. Print out masks of adorable fox and bear caricatures, put up a teepee with activities like finger painting around the venue, and let the little ones be the star of the show. As for the adults—are your guests “Team Sitting Bull” or “Team Pocahontas”?





Golden muffins topped with edible bees food for the bee gender reveal party theme.This black, yellow, and white gender reveal party theme is just plain adorable. Fat little bumblebees are the hero, from the cute cake to the décor to the giveaways (think honey in tiny jars!). Bumblebees are cheerful symbols of activity, energy, and being busy—so if hard work and industriousness are top values for you and your family, then what better theme to use for the gender reveal? This theme is also another great one for little guests—have fun bumblebee headbands for everyone to wear, and bring in a face painter to turn kids into delightful little bees! Will you use any of these themes? Or do you have a different gender reveal party theme you want to employ? We, Reveal Squad, want to know! Share photos and stories with us!

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