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Knowing that you’re having a baby is such exciting news. After all, motherhood is an amazing life-changing milestone; who wouldn’t want to celebrate that? Here’s a good idea for a fun and frills-free celebration: host a balloon pop gender reveal party. Many couples would want to share the good news of having a baby and if they’re extremely excited, announce the gender of the baby –is it a boy or a girl? Perhaps both? Twins? No one knows for certain. Whatever the outcome may be, it’s a wonderful reason to gather and celebrate.

Heart-formed hands of a man and a woman placed on a baby bump for their balloon pop gender reveal photo shoot.

Gender reveal parties are a great way of welcoming your soon-to-be little one, and different couples or parent/s have different ways on how to celebrate it. Some new parents like the mystery of not knowing their baby’s gender themselves, and choose to be surprised in their own party. Some like knowing during the 5th month ultrasound, and surprising friends and family at the party. You can customize the party any way you want! Do you own thing, and make it completely yours.

So, what are the essentials in hosting a simple reveal party? Balloons and confetti are the go-to fun items you can use for a memorable gender reveal party. You can use these for a balloon pop game to reveal your little one’s gender.


Guide To A Balloon-Popping Gender Reveal Party

Pregnant woman wearing a light brown dress holding her baby bump with her right hand and a set of balloons on her left hand for her balloon pop gender reveal party.

Balloon Pop Supplies:

  • 1 large neutral-colored balloon
  • Ribbon
  • Glitters
  • Helium
  • Funnel
  • Straight pin
  • Colorful paper cut-ups. Choose specific colors for “It’s a boy!” and “It’s a girl!” reveal. You may reuse old newspaper, magazines, wax paper, or other colorful paper-like materials.
  • Extra ribbons, tassels, or something extra fun for the balloon tail



How to Prepare the Confetti Balloons:

  • Buy one large balloon to liven up the party place. This is available in many party stores or online.
    – You could even check out the gender reveal confetti balloons of Reveal Squad if you like! Click here!
  • Cut out colored paper into small pieces. Add glitter, foil paper, or other shiny shimmery stuff to add character. Just be sure to use safe materials and not stuff that might cause allergies, or maybe irritate the eyes of your guests!
  • Stuff the balloon with confetti for your gender reveal. Using the funnel, hold open the balloon’s mouth and add as much confetti as you can.
    – Reveal Squad’s gender reveal confetti balloons have a mouth so wide that pouring confetti in is a breeze. Think about that next time you wrestle with glitter, paper shavings, and a narrow balloon mouth!
  • Inflate the balloon! You can use helium to make the balloon float—or just a plain ole bicycle pump if you plan to mount the balloon on a stick or strew balloons around the party floor. Shake each balloon around to distribute the confetti evenly.

Baby bump with light pink balloons on the right side and light blue balloons on the left side for their balloon pop gender reveal party.


Now, It’s Time to Make that Balloon Pop! For the Party Proper:

  • Send out your invitations! Yesteryear, it was considered good etiquette to send out invitations in the mail, but hey, the Digital Revolution is upon us. Perhaps your guests won’t mind a Facebook invitation as long as you message them individually too. Make it personalized!
  • Delegate important tasks accordingly (videographer, photographer, food and drinks, balloons committee, etc.)
  • Prepare the venue and set the mood. Play some nice party music.
  • For the big reveal, gather your guests together. That balloon is gonna have a nice healthy pop, so be sure infants, toddlers, or your more delicate friends are forewarned lest they get startled. Pop the balloon using a dart to see which confetti color flies out,finally revealing the gender of the baby.
  • If your guests brought presents, you may opt to open them in their presence to increase fun and infanticipation.
  • Eat, drink, and be merry!
  • Lastly, don’t forget to capture the moments and have fun!

Couple facing the beach, pregnant woman wearing a white dress and pointing the beach using her left hand, her husband at her back wearing a white polo shirt paired with jeans; holding 5 balloons on his right hand for their balloon pop gender reveal photo shoot.

The purpose of this party is to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy with your loved ones. So sit back, relax, and cherish every moment of planning and preparation of your own gender reveal party. This is an important life event and enjoy the process as much as you can. What’s important is you shower yourself and everyone close to you with warmth and love -and with multi-colored balloon pop confetti!


“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” —Robert Browning

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