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Victor Hugo, the genius author of classics such as Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, once said, “To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” Those of us who find escape, joy, imagination, knowledge, and magnificence in the written word will adore a book-themed gender reveal party. It’s so appropriate, too; we feel that your gender reveal party should represent you as a family, with the hopes and aspirations you have for your little one. If the written word represents new worlds and friends and foes for your family, this is definitely the way to go. You could even push the envelope and choose a genre or a particular book that you’re crazy about as a couple, and center the theme around that. Shakespeare fanatic? Ask your guests—William or Anne? Hamlet or Ophelia? Titania or Oberon? If you’re a fan of Gothic literature, then you must wonder—Catherine or Heath cliff? Jane Eyre or Edward Fairfax Rochester? A more modern take could even be Tristran or Yvaine, Edward or Bella, Ron or Hermione, Katniss or Peeta (or Gale). You get the message.


Decorations On Your Book-Themed Gender Reveal

Well, this all depends on your theme. Gothic celebrations would be as moody and mysterious as the most ubiquitous Brontë novel, whereas modern fiction might be a little less so. Why not take a page out of your favorite book, pun intended? If you’ve got the gumption for it, stage your own little scenario from your inspiration. But do use old books as coasters, for instance. When guests arrive, ask them to pin blue or pink bookmarks onto their shirts to signify if they’re voting for Team Boy or Team Girl. If you’re going full-on DIY gender reveal, use the pages from old comics, coloring books, textbooks, or novels as invitations, banners, buntings, and so forth. Go crazy with your book-themed gender reveal party!

An outdoor vintage table setup in a book-themed gender reveal party decorated with book pages, roses, and outdoor hangings.

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As with all things Gender Reveal, always take Mommy’s wishes into consideration for the food. Aside from the obvious, staying away from preggy-unfriendly foods like sushi, caffeine, and alcohol (well, she may not mind you drinking, but make sure she’s got some cider in her hand so she doesn’t feel left out!), satiate her cravings. What’s she in the mood for? We would pick and choose from her (probable) long list of pregnancy cravings, so curate that menu and avoid putting anchovies in the ice cream just because Mom’s needing it badly. Why not do a book-themed gender reveal cake? Any decent fondant baker can whip this up with no trouble. Although this isn’t a Gender Reveal cake, it’s just adorable, and we fell in love with it. It’s really perfect for this sort of theme!

A 3-layered book-themed gender reveal cake placed along with the real books on a long wooden table with chairs.

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You could ostensibly do beer (juice) pong so guests can guess baby’s gender by shooting the ping pong ball into a blue or pink cup. Think of doing the piñata where pink or blue candies come rushing out. You could purchase Reveal Squad’s super fun confetti or smoke balloons for the reveal itself to provide some crazy Instagrammable photos. Check them out here! And you could always provide pre-cut bookmarks for your guests to write on, so they can decorate little bookmarks for your baby to cherish when s/he’s old enough to read. We love. These are just adorable. Can you imagine your guests making keepsakes like these for Luke or Leia to read and use when they’re old enough to read? We’re dying, they’re just so adorable.

Different styles of pre-cut bookmarks and colored pencils in a book-themed gender reveal party.

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Give books away. No-brainer. It’s such a classy touch. Inscribe each book with a personal message for your guests. That’s a gift that will always keep on giving! Don’t wanna give away your old books? We get it. We have a hard time parting with ours, too. Use old newsprint then to wrap a keepsake: candies, a small vial of essential oils, cute stuff from the stationery store.

3 giveaways made from book pages with wooden clips and black ribbon which is given in a book-themed gender reveal party.

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Now, thinking of throwing a book-themed gender reveal party? Please, share photos! We want to see how you made it your own!

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