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You’re elated you’re expecting. We’re elated you’re expecting! We’re pretty sure your friends and family are excited for you too. Confetti balloons are a must-have for any baby party; they’re like happiness made concrete and turned into sparkly shiny fun. When it comes to your gender reveal, what better way to make your happiness felt, seen, and touched by your guests and loved ones? So, here’s the 411 on why confetti balloons are a sensational way to celebrate your gender reveal.


Share Your Gender Reveal Joy With Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons surround you in colorful shiny confetti once popped—a magnificent and vibrant way to share your bliss.The best gender reveal parties are when friends and family surround you as you discover whether you’re expecting a little prince or a little princess. What better way to share your happiness than to show it? Reveal Squad has gorgeous confetti balloon kit, which are easy-peasy to assemble. When the blue confetti comes out—congratulations, you’re having a boy! If the confetti is pink, ta-dah, you’re expecting a little princess! Reveal Squad’s confetti is a little more special than most because each variation contains three different colors. In the blue pack is confetti in light blue, dark blue, and gold; in the pink pack is confetti in light pink, dark pink, and gold. This means that the confetti surprise is going to be all that more colorful. More colorful means more spectacular. More spectacular means more joy shared around!

People celebrating a gender reveal party outdoor popping their confetti balloons that released blue confetti everywhere.

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Anywhere You Like

You know what’s great about confetti balloons? You can bring them wherever you like. Let’s say you’re not into the whole party thing. Let’s say you’d rather have a more private gender reveal, maybe just you and your spouse. Let us say, instead of a party with all the trimmings and the guest list and the catering, you opt for a gender reveal photo shoot, which you plan to release on Instagram and send to family and friends through email. We’re down with that. So, once you’ve chosen your venue, simply grab your Reveal Squad balloon kit, and start setting it up at the venue. Once your camera is ready, go ahead and pop the balloon, and release all that confetti all around you. Do us a favor? Tag us when you upload the video on Instagram? We would be honored to share your bliss!


Couple with their toddler celebrating a gender reveal party under a big tree using a hanged confetti balloons that released pink confetti with a large tree as a background.

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No Mess with Confetti Balloons: Good Clean Party Fun

Confetti balloons are good for indoor and outdoor use. All you need to clean up afterwards is a vacuum cleaner or a broom. We at Reveal Squad are just as crazy over our Smoke Pop Balloons, but hey, we get it if you don’t want to stain the furniture or your maternity clothes. That’s why we’ve got the confetti balloon variation, too, to give you the same spectacular gender reveal without having to chuck your white shirt afterwards. So go ahead and pop the balloon. At least you won’t have to double check weather conditions; your gender reveal will work no matter what. Sunshiny and sweet? Take it outside to the yard or the beach. Snowy and icy? Goodness, the confetti will just shine on all that white frost. Rainy and stormy? No worries, have the reveal inside. You’re good and covered!

Couple celebrating a cold and snowy gender reveal party using confetti balloons with pink confetti on release with piled rocks as background.

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