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Do you remember that special moment when you found out that you’re having a baby and you couldn’t be more excited? That minute can never be replicated. The next delicious joyful instant you can look forward to is when you hold your tiny bundle in your arms for the first time. There is no ecstasy that is comparable to that moment when Love is made Alive. In the meantime, though, there are little moments of cheer you can steal—a fun baby shower, a fun gender reveal party, which is quickly becoming a trend worldwide for mommies who wanna kick back their heels and have a little bit of fun. Heck, some patient couples wait to discover the news at the delivery room, but there’s a whole population of people who pick the fun route–gathering friends and family to hold a gender reveal confetti party.

Pink and blue cotton candies placed on a wooden table for the gender reveal confetti party, other cotton candies are hanged on the table and some are placed on a glass container, black cardboard and green plant as the background.

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There are two ways to do it, one is you find out the gender before the party and then announce it to your guests. The other one is to be totally clueless together with your guests. It’s all up to you. But since you’re already in a party mood, why not do it all the way and be in on the surprise and excitement as well?

Now, the party need not take a lot from your budget when you already have other pressing items to think of (did someone say milk and diapers, college tuition?). So holding an intimate, close family and friends, do-it-yourself (DIY) gender reveal confetti party is the way to go. Plus, you can always complete your announcement on social media anyway.

Party means confetti and who doesn’t get excited with raining confetti? Waving gender reveal confetti wands are easy, kids and adults can join in and a whole lot of fun. Plus, it makes for really cool, instagrammable photos. Let’s do it!


How To DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Wands:

Happy 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys playing with the gender reveal confetti on the party with white wall as their background.

1. Let’s start with recycling the main material. Gather the supplies:

a. Paper towel rolls (make sure to use the kitchen paper towel rolls and not the toilet ones so they’re longer)

b. Duct tape (preferably the colorful type, not the black or silver variations)

c. Scissors

d. Colored pens

e. Paint

f. Pink, white, and blue tissue paper. If you’re feeling more artsy, add a little more color (the confetti balloons of Reveal Squad come in blue and gold and pink and gold for that extra special touch!) but make sure the blue and pink ones will stand out.

2. Cover one end of the roll with paper. Use duct tape to secure the paper within. You can also write a “He or She?” or a simple question mark with colored pens. If you’re really creative you can also paint it. It’s all up to you.

3. Cut the blue and pink tissue papers easily into tiny squares and rectangles, fold it into layers, cut lengthwise in strips from the end and again cross-wise. Separate the colors.

4. Put the blue ones in half of the rolls and the pink ones in the other half. Top them with cut white papers to make sure no color is showing. Put in a few colors also. Some people add glitter, but if you’re doing the party in your living room, expect to attack with the vacuum cleaner afterwards (and glitter has a nasty habit of adhering to upholstery for the rest of eternity).

5. Try waving and shaking one or two first to make sure they come out nicely. Then that’s it, you’re ready for the big reveal! Place them into two separate boxes and make sure to label them. One tip also, please don’t make the mistake of distinctly decorating the two rolls into a he or a she when you’re joining in on the surprise reveal.

Scattered small round confetti on a gender reveal confetti wand held by a hand of a woman.

For the fun part, give the results of the ultrasound (without peeking!) to a trusted friend on the day of the reveal party. Your friend can then bring out the right box (make sure to remind your friend to remove the label!). You can put the rolls in a vase to display as center pieces.

During the reveal part, instruct your guest to take one, aim the open end of the roll up, then at the right moment flick your wrist and wave the gender reveal confetti wand. Congratulations! You’re having a boy! Or Girl! Or Both! Shrieking at this moment is highly encouraged.

Excited couple on a decorated wood-tent with red and white confetti for their gender reveal confetti party.

 Why not share photos with us? Reveal Squad would love to share in the moment with you!

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