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Balloons have been around forever! Did you know that the first recorded balloon was during the time of the Aztecs? They used balloons as sacrificial presents to their gods. We can thank Professor Michael Faraday for the first hydrogen-filled balloons, which he developed in 1824 at the Royal Institute of London. The year later, rubber manufacturer Thomas Hancock created latex rubber toy balloons—the forefather of the fun and colorful ones you’ll be buying for your upcoming gender reveal party! Who knew that the humble balloon had such a fascinating past Anyway, balloons are so much fun for people of all ages, and can really make a party POP! (Yeah, we went there!) Let’s make yours too with these five eye-catching gender reveal balloon ideas for an unforgettable party:


Gender Reveal Balloon Ideas: Décor

Here’s a no-brainer: balloons are a quick, easy, and affordable way to make a party look uber-cute. Here is a gender reveal check list of balloon ideas to decorate a party venue:


1. Table Toppers, Buffet Décor, and Centerpieces

You can make any place more festive pretty automatically with the use of balloons. Use them to decorate a space to match a theme, or just look like a real party is going down very soon. Event planners usually have festive balloon arrangements in their repertoire, but in case you’re your own event planner (go, you!), just pick some up at the party store and get creative.

Put helium-filled balloons on the backs of chairs in alternative pink and blue, or decorate a buffet in one single theme from cake to giveaways to balloons, or strew them around the floor for a festive look.

As for the type of balloon—the sky’s the limit! Get balloons in fun shapes (like bee-shaped balloons for a Bae-Bee Party!), in neutral black for some mystery, or in the colors of your theme.

A round glass table surrounded with small white and pink wooden chairs, stuffed animal pillows, and pink and white floating balloons, a setup part of gender reveal balloon ideas.

2. Balloon Arches

A balloon arch is a wonderful way to frame a doorway or a buffet table. Imagine a balloon arch framing the entrance to a garden or an aisle leading to your function room or restaurant—such drama, such fantasy, such impact! Think about putting one in your venue for that extra oomph.

Colorful outdoor balloon arch, on a flesh colored house entrance and is one of gender reveal balloon ideas used in a party.

3. Balloon Towers

These are a fun way to highlight corners at an indoors event venue. Sometimes, bare halls tend to look empty and austere, whereas restaurant or hotel décor very often does not match with your theme (actually, for the most part, venues look rather mature and not sweet enough for a gender reveal party!).

Balloon towers in the corners, at either side of the buffet table, or at the door, will pump up the volume on your event, and bring the décor full circle to create a beautiful, seamless look—with minimal effort.

Floating balloons and pompoms in different sizes and colors on the white floor, part of decorations in gender reveal balloon ideas.

Have you discovered more gender reveal balloon ideas as fun décor items? We want to know!


Gender Reveal Balloon Ideas: Paint Balloon

All the Robin Hoods and Katniss Everdeens out there will love this concept. Mount a balloon to a blank canvas (which you can buy at an art store)—or, if you’re an expert archer, hang from a tree and elicit looks of amazement from your impressed guests!

Stand back, and nock your arrow. When you shoot, and pop the balloon, paint will seep out in pink for girl and blue for boy. How much more action packed can you get?

Newly wed couple in a forest, the groom doing archery targetting the colorful balloons, one of gender reveal balloon ideas for a party.

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Gender Reveal Balloon Ideas: Confetti Balloons

A confetti balloon is so much sparkly fun! Break out the champagne and the sparklers, and make it an all-out celebration. Once popped, a confetti balloon releases a bunch of confetti in blue for boy or pink for girl.

Time the photos perfectly so Mom and Dad are caught at that picture-perfect moment: excited and joyful, screaming or maybe even crying tears of happiness, caught in a cloud of confetti.

Although confetti balloons can be made for a fun DIY project, Reveal Squad did all your thinking for you and prepared some awesome confetti balloons. All you need is right here: Gender Reveal Confetti Balloons. Just add air, and you’re good to go!

3 collaged images of a couple wearing black clothes popping a big black balloon with confetti as part of gender reveal balloon ideas for their party.

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Gender Reveal Balloon Ideas: Smoke Bomb Balloons

There is no more dramatic way to reveal baby’s gender than through a smoke bomb. Literally, the photos are killer—a cloud of blue or pink wafts over the couple, creating patterns on clothing and in the air.

Fast shutter speeds capture that gorgeous moment for eternity. When it’s time for the gender reveal, just pop the balloon, releasing the clouds of smoke. What drama, what joy, what impact!

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, here you go.

Pregnant woman wearing a white dress placing her hands in her eyes while surrounded with pink smoke from a balloon pop, part of gender reveal balloon ideas for a party.

Check out Reveal Squad’s smoke balloons here: Gender Reveal Smoke Powder Balloons


Gender Reveal Balloon Ideas: Box of Balloons

Gender Reveal balloons can be messy. Smoke balloons contain powder that can stain furniture and clothing, while confetti means some sweeping needs to be done after the reveal. This option is probably the easiest and most fuss-free version out there.

Essentially, a Gender Reveal Box of Balloons is just that—a big box of helium-filled balloons! The box proper is usually decorated according to your theme, and some couples put a question in front: Bows or Bowties? Lil Miss or Lil Mister?

The Secret Keeper would choose pink balloons for girl and blue balloons for boy, and inflate as many of them as would fit into the box.

When it’s time for the gender reveal, the couple heads over to the box, and everyone gets their cameras ready. The couple opens the box, and a bundle of balloons escape the box in a profusion of pink or blue—congratulations—you’re having a boy/girl!

Here are two things to consider:
1. It’s not very environmentally friendly to release balloons into the environment, so consider attaching a super long string to each balloon for extra drama, but adhering the end of the string to the base of the box so no balloon escapes. Mothers gotta protect one another, right? We gotta protect Mother Nature, too!

2. As with everything with a gender reveal, you need drama. So consider doing this in a place with a high ceiling, or even outdoors.

A big blue box for balloons that float with a pointed hat above the box and a parchment paper with a big blue feather on the side of the paper and says

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