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Milestone #1: discovering you’re expecting. The next milestone you’ll go through is when your baby is finally out in the world, lying on your shoulder on in your partner’s arms. The joy you feel at each of these milestones is supreme. Women feel joy at many different points in their lives: graduation, the purchase of her first car and/or home, getting promoted, getting engaged, getting married, and so on and so forth. In between these milestones, you’ve got the baby shower to break the monotony of morning sickness, doctor visits and ultrasounds. Why not throw a gender reveal party, too? A gender reveal baby shower? But—hold on—that’s just too many parties for me, you say.

I don’t really like planning, or partying so much, and getting my friends and family together is a logistical nightmare. Here’s the burning question: Is it possible to have a gender reveal baby shower party?

Well, now. There’s a couple of things to consider as we go about answering that question.


When Will The Party Occur?

Gender reveal usually occurs around the time of the fifth month, or the 20th week, when your second trimester ultrasound can give a pretty definitive idea of your baby’s gender. Baby showers meanwhile often take place in the third trimester, close to when you’re due to pop. That said, these timelines aren’t set in stone, and it’s totally up to you when you want to throw the party.

You can choose to throw the gender reveal a little later, and wait until the third trimester to reveal your LO’s sex to the world. Or you can choose the throw the baby shower earlier than usual, and rest for the third trimester.

Group of women with their pregnant friend in the center posing for a picture during a gender reveal baby shower surrounded with gifts, balloons and buntings.


Which Takes The Predominant Focus?

Gender reveal parties focus around the reveal of baby’s sex. The feeling is anticipatory, there’s an air of suspense, and the big activity that governs the whole shindig is the reveal. Baby showers meanwhile are more peaceful affairs.

The end is nigh, and mommy has gotten more used to being pregnant (in fact, mommy could very well be DONE with her pregnancy, and just counting down the days until she pops!). Gender reveal parties have guessing game activities, while the games at a baby shower focus on getting mom and dad ready for parenthood.

Usually, people don’t bring gifts to gender reveal parties, but presents are a huge focus of the shower.These are two different parties with two distinct personalities. So, how to combine them?

Choose your focus. Here’s what we suggest: if you’re throwing the party in the second trimester, to correspond with the gender reveal, then make the gender reveal the focus. After all, you just need to put “gender reveal and baby shower” in your invitations, and your guests will know to bring gifts.

If the party is in the third trimester, then the shower is the focus, and the reveal can be something as simple as cutting a cake to reveal a pink or blue filling.

Group of women getting excited for the upcoming baby while holding the baby bump of the pregnant woman in white dress during their gender reveal baby shower.

Most importantly, have fun with it, and make it yours.


Who Will Throw The Party For You?

Common belief is that it’s tacky to throw your own baby shower, and usually people get Secret Keepers (who know the baby’s gender, and will help create a fun surprise to reveal the secret at the party itself) to handle the gender reveal.

If you want to go super traditional, then yes, you can get someone else to throw it for you, be it your bestie, your mom/mom-in-law/both, your sister/sister-in-law/both, or pretty much anyone you trust.

Here’s the point of having an organizer:
If you want to keep baby’s gender a surprise even from yourself, then the Secret Keeper will be essential. Whichever way you choose to reveal baby’s gender will be orchestrated by the Secret Keeper, whether it’s through balloons, silly string, scratch-off, confetti, smoke, or any of the other fun methods people are into these days.

Traditionalists believe that it’s tacky to throw your own baby shower, because it’s almost like inviting people to your birthday party and saying, “Bring gifts!” If you’re of this mindset, then yes, by all means get a friend to throw the shower for you.

We at Reveal Squad believe though that it’s all about YOU and YOUR BABY. So if you want to throw the party yourself, for whatever reason, we will stand by you 100%. It’s your party, you do you. Just make sure to send us pictures!

Sitting pregnant woman thinking of having a gender reveal baby shower while holding a red laptop on her lap.

How Will Gender Reveal Baby Shower Look, And What Will Happen?

Easy answer? HOWEVER YOU WANT.

Some games played at gender reveal parties can be easily translated over to baby shower parties. Baby “beer” pong (replace the beer with apple juice!), blindfolded diaper challenges, guessing games, and so forth all make a gender reveal baby shower party so much fun.

If you just want a chill time with good friends, and open gifts with a gender reveal cake at the end, that’s also perfectly okay.

2 women sitting on a couch blindfolded playing changing diapers using 2 teddy bears in a gender reveal baby shower.

All we ask is for you to let us know what you did on your gender reveal baby shower and send us photos, so we can pretend we were there with you!

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