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The things you’ll need for your gender reveal party are completely dependent on the theme you choose. Nevertheless, it’s good to start with the bare minimum, then build on that to create something original and reflective of who you are as a family. Here’s a gender reveal check list of things you’ll need for any gender reveal party.


Gender Reveal Check List: Food

At the very least, you’ll need to provide snacks and drinks for your guests. You could of course just go the easy going route, and serve up the normal stuff, or you could add a special dimension. It’s not entirely essential, but it’s fun to try to make them correspond with your theme. Here are some examples:


Blue and Pink

There’s a reason why this theme is a classic. It’s so easy to find food to match a blue and pink theme. A dessert bar filled with blue and pink candies, cupcakes, and cake poppers make this type of gender reveal party sweet—in more ways than one! Round the sugariness off with blueberry and strawberry slushies.


Lace and Lures

Fishing-inspired gender reveal parties are a no-brainer to cater—everything seafood! Go for the favorites: fish cakes, calamari, chowder, and tuna pasta. A refreshing drink, like a brisk lemonade, will balance the fishiness out really nicely.


Let’s Taco Bout Sex, Baby

Olé! Some people center their gender reveal around the type of food they like the best, which could presumably be the birth of the Fiesta gender reveal party. Piñatas, tacos, chips and guacamole, virgin margaritas and sangria, baby burritos—how much fun these are!

Table full of colorful goodies like cupcakes, lollipops, candy coins, truffle pops, cake, mini marshmallows, etc. and which are included on the food gender reveal check list.
You get the general idea from this food gender reveal check list. There are still more gender reveal food ideas for your party. If you choose to have a cake as well, of course you can opt for the easygoing way and pick up something from Walmart, but you could also go to a cake maker to create something that matches your theme. If you’re planning to reveal baby’s gender through the cake, all the more you’ll need a good supplier. Do your research, and remember the foremost rule with suppliers—communication and trust are key!


People on Your Gender Reveal Check List

There are certain people that are crucial to a successful gender reveal party. Here are the following people that should be included on your gender reveal check list:

A Good Photographer

You want gorgeous photos to commemorate the reveal! Make sure you invest in a good photographer. Here’s a tip: research the kind of photo you want to see, and present these to the photographer as a stepping stone. But remember that some photographers are more artistic than others, so they may not follow what you want exactly; they may put their own creativity into your concept. Communicate with your photographer, and work as a team to create something beautiful.

The Secret Keeper

Let’s assume that you’ve decided to discover baby’s gender along with your guests. You’ll need a good Secret Keeper. Choose wisely. Hand him or her the envelope, and trust him or her to work with the event coordinator to put the reveal together.

An Event Coordinator

This could even be you! The event coordinator is the person that puts all the pieces together and makes sure everything happens on time and flawlessly. Just understand—event production can be a lot of hard work, so if you haven’t done it before, manage your expectations and stay realistic. Scale your ideas up or down depending on your budget and your capability.

The Entertainment

This one’s optional. Casual parties like barbecues may not need anything as structured as entertainment, but hey, if you want to splurge on a band, or perhaps an activity table for kids with finger and face painting, go for it!

Woman on a ponytail wearing eyeglasses and checkered long sleeve blouse holding blue pen on her right hand and a gender reveal check list on her left hand.


Gender Reveal Giveaways

It’s always a classy move to give something to guests as they leave. It’s a way of saying thank you to them for celebrating this special moment with you. Giveaways don’t have to be extravagant, but they should be personalized. Infuse some of your personality into your giveaways so they remind your guests of you and the special time you had together during your gender reveal party.

1 blue mini carton box held by a hand with a background of mini blue carton boxes used for the giveaways included on the gender reveal check list.

Again, there are two ways to skin this cat: either go the generic route, and pick up something simple and cute from your local party store, or go personalized and thematic, and match the giveaways to the theme of the party. Don’t spend too much on giveaways; save your money for bigger-ticket items like the photographer, decorations, or the accessories you’ll need for the gender reveal like smoke bombs or confetti balloons. Something small and classy for your giveaways gender reveal check list, like tiny chocolates wrapped in pretty cloth, will be very appreciated!


Gender Reveal Games and Activities

The most important part about a gender reveal party is…the gender reveal!

Start off the party fun by asking the guests which “team” they’re on. Upon arrival, they have to signify their guess somehow—team blue or team pink? Team guns or team roses? Team lashes or team staches? These fun little badges or stick-ons make a party exciting. You can even make them yourself out of cardboard, paint, and string.

Alternating 2 blue and 2 pink paper baby rompers laid down on a mat part of the gender reveal check list as decoration.

The next thing you’ll need to decide is how you plan to go about the gender reveal. Here’s a gender reveal check list for that:

Smoke bombs

Pop a balloon with a dart, and a cloud of smoke in blue or pink will waft out to surround you—indicating whether you have a girl or a boy. Reveal Squad has adorable smoke bomb balloons that will achieve the surprise beautifully.

Confetti balloons

Instead of smoke, these throw up blue and gold (for boy) or pink and gold (for girl) confetti in the air. It’s a fun and colorful option to reveal baby’s gender without the mess of a smoke bomb (since the powder usually stains clothes and furniture).

Reveal Squad sells some fun smoke bombs and confetti balloons. Take a look at them here.

Cake Reveal

Your baker is crucial for this sort of reveal. Hand over the envelope containing the result of the ultrasound. The baker will make the external portion of the cake in a cute neutral design, maybe even matching your theme if that’s what you wish. When it’s time for the reveal, cut the cake open. The cake within will be color blue for boy or pink for girl.

Sporty Types

Will have fun with their favorite sports. A breakable basketball comes apart in the hoop to reveal blue or pink smoke, as with a football kicked in the air or a golf ball hit with a club. Talk about making a goal!

One Sniper Type Shot

A target far away—and clouds of pink smoke revealed that he’ll eventually think of putting those incredible shooting skills to good use!

There are so many other ideas out there. Let us know which ones are your favorites.


Gender Reveal Decorations

Here’s the good news—Reveal Squad did your thinking for you. In one adorable box, you have a complete set of decorations for a Little Man/Little Miss themed party. Gender reveal check list for decorations from Reveal Squad includes:

  • Dinner and dessert plates with matching party cups and cutlery
  • Table napkins and plastic table covers
  • A party banner
  • Party pompoms
  • Party balloons (to supplement Reveal Squad’s adorable smoke bomb and/or confetti balloon!) with balloon ribbons
  • Voting stickers

Check it out here: Gender Reveal Party Supplies

We’d love to see how you accomplished your gender reveal party with your gender reveal check list! Send us photos?

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