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What’s a party without food, right? A boring one—that’s what! No party is ever complete without good grub. If you’re looking for gender reveal food ideas for your baby reveal, sit back and relax, our dearest momma, because we’ve curated a fine list of nibbles to serve on your special day.


What To Serve On Your Gender Reveal Party (Gender Reveal Food Ideas)

A table consisting of different gender reveal food ideas like cupcakes on a stand, sliders on a stand, sliced sushi rolls on a plate, donuts under the sliders, sliced fruits and vegetables separated on bowls, with flowers as decoration.

When it comes to gender reveal parties, you can pretty much serve anything that you like. Preferably something simple and pregnancy-friendly. Think of the baby reveal as an occasion that gathers together good friends and close family members. It is not a time to cook a five-course meal (although that would be nice, too). 

Ideally, you should have the party in the afternoon, just between lunch and dinner. So the foods that you will serve are mostly light snacks that everyone can dig into whether they’re standing, sitting, or walking around. 

You don’t have to keep with the usual blue and pink gender reveal party theme. And you don’t have to limit yourself to sweet snacks. After all, a baby reveal is still a party among adults where delicious food, flowing booze, and good conversation are always welcome.  With that said, here are some gender reveal food ideas that you can prepare for the party:


An antipasto is a great opener for any party. Who could resist a platter of charcuterie, cheese, veggies, fruits, nuts, and crackers? They’re fun to put together, and best of all, they’re a joy to eat while waiting for the baby reveal.

An above angle shot of an antipasto consisting of nacho chips, crackers, sliced sausages, grapes, sliced apples, rosemary. seeds on a cup and cheese fondue at the center, part of the gender reveal food ideas to be served for the guests.

If you’re worried about eating cheese during pregnancy, don’t worry. There are cheeses like Stilton that are safe to eat during pregnancy. You may still serve soft cheeses like brie and Camembert for your guests.



Our mouths water just thinking about these. Sliders are comfort food perfect for any party. They’re easy to make, and you have plenty of options to choose from. Aside from the traditional burger sliders, you can serve ham and cheese, pulled pork, chicken, or turkey sliders.
3 sliders placed on a wooden chopping board together with 2 bottom buns with mustard and ketchup, sliders are part of gender reveal food ideas.

Some of the options may require more preparation than others, though, so take that in consideration in choosing which slider to serve.


Confetti Cake

A white confetti cake with a glass stand on a bondi blue background, part of gender reveal food ideas.

This could be the highlight of the whole spread, so take time in choosing the right baker for the job. Although you could easily do this with a box mix, nothing compares to the beauty and elegance of a professionally baked gender reveal cake. If you’re making the cake the center of your baby reveal, ask your baker to use blue or pink frosting to show the gender of your baby.


Fruit Popsicle

Depending on the season, popsicles are one of the gender reveal food ideas and wonderful treats that you can serve during your baby reveal party. You could follow the pink and blue theme here by serving strawberry and blueberry fruit popsicles.

3 stacked raspberry flavored popsicles topped with a single raspberry and surrounded with raspberries and raspberry leaves, popsicles part of gender reveal food ideas.
Blend the fruits together with some honey and yogurt for an all-natural fruit popsicles that are perfect for summer parties. For something simple, you can put sliced fresh fruits in a mold, fill it with coconut water, and freeze.


Cocktails or Mocktails

An above angle shot of 5 glasses of cocktails and mocktails with a bottled drink on the side, part of gender reveal food ideas.

Blue and pink lemonade are often served during gender reveal parties. But if you want something different, you can serve cocktails and mocktails to your guests. Since pregnant moms aren’t supposed to drink alcohol, you can opt for spritzers that are not only delicious but are also simple to make. For your guests, you have an endless choice of which cocktails to serve.


Fortune Cookie

Here’s a fun way of wrapping up the party and also a good idea to reveal the gender of your baby if you haven’t yet. You can buy fortune cookies from a store and stuff them with your own “fortune”. In this case, the gender of your baby.

3 fortune cookies and 1 broken fortune cookie with a note inside saying

To replace the fortune inside without breaking the shell, wrap the cookie with a damp paper towel and microwave it for about 30 seconds. The cookie should be soft and pliable, allowing you to pry it open and insert your custom fortune.   Throwing a gender reveal party doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t need to have food catered to your home unless that’s the direction you want to take. Simple but scrumptious snacks like the gender reveal food ideas we mentioned above will keep your guests full and happy.

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