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Hey Momma, we’ve got your back. We understand far too well how taxing it can be to grow a little person inside you! All you want to do is to put your feet up and sob into your Ben & Jerry’s. We hear you, we support you; cry away! Those Budweiser commercials make us tear up, too! Mommy, you need to be celebrated for the gigantic milestone you’re going through. You need to have an excuse to get your hair and nails done, to buy a new dress, and to be surrounded by a loving support system. Let’s commemorate each highlight of this marvelous journey and start with a gender reveal party.

crying pregnant woman who is thinking of having a gender reveal party while sitting on a white bed, holding a chocolate bar on her left hand and has an ice cream container in front of her

When people think of the parties thrown during pregnancy and baby’s first few months, gender reveal parties usually get left behind. The baby shower, and religious ceremonies after birth such as christenings, take precedence.

We at Reveal Squad believe that any excuse to make merry is a good excuse, and a gender reveal party can be so much fun! Here we go through ten of the biggest questions about how to throw a fantastic party. We’ve got answers, suggestions, and unique gender reveal party ideas.


The Ten Biggest Things You Need to Plan Your Gender Reveal Party


1. How do I make the gender reveal a huge surprise?

It’s your second trimester! They say that this is the best part about your pregnancy: gone are the crazy symptoms of your first trimester (or you’ve gotten used to them by now), but you’re not so big and heavy as to be immobile. You’re starting to show a cute little bump. Ultrasounds show off adorable fingernails, eyebrows, eyelashes, fingers, and toes.

couple looking at an ultrasound result with their baby on it which made them feel excited on planning a gender reveal party

Isn’t the infanticipation a killer? Whether it’s your first time to be a mommy or your fifth, it’s no less exciting. Don’t forget—it’s so important to enjoy every step of the way. We guarantee you that at one point (probably when the tyke is a toddler and cutting off the bristles of your makeup brushes), you’ll miss being pregnant!

What better way to enjoy being pregnant than throwing a fun gender reveal party? Some parents prefer to keep the gender a secret even from themselves, so they find out their baby’s gender at the same time as their friends and family. Here’s a great way to do this: draft your sonographer to be part of the fun! Have him or her email the result of the ultrasound to your cake supplier, party planner, or the restaurant manager of your chosen destination.


VIPs in the Gender Reveal

The gender reveal cake supplier could bake a cake covered in neutral-colored icing like beige, green, yellow, or white, but dye the sponge inside in blue or pink food coloring. This way, when it’s time for the big gender reveal, you discover the sex when you cut the cake.

smiling female baker decorating her 2-layered cake for a gender reveal party

Your party planner could hang up charming décor all around your party location. Guests would come in pink or blue to signify if they’re Team Girl or Team Boy. The party planner would hang gender reveal balloons all over the place (even better if your party takes place in a garden, swimming pool, or any other outdoor location)—have him or her fill the balloons with pink or blue powder.

When it’s time for the big gender reveal, you discover the sex when you pop the balloons! The restaurant manager or banquet manager could be a great help, too, from setting up the décor to coordinating the staff to keeping baby’s gender a big secret to helping you choose a fun menu. Most restaurants have someone who can help you plan a memorable gender reveal party down to food, décor, games, and souvenirs.


2. Encourage guests to guess before the gender reveal!

Some people get seriously creative when asking their guests to take their pick. Is it going to be a boy or a girl? Here are a few ideas to choose from—make sure you pick the pair that most reflects your personality!

  • For the family that likes to rock out: Guns or Roses?
  • The fashionable and stylish: Lashes or ‘Staches?
  • For the baby that’s gonna rule the court: Free Throws or Pink Bows?
  • Fore! Baby’s just round the corner: Putters or Pom Poms?
  • Glam-o-Baby is on the way: Wheels or Heels?
  • What’s the Cat in the Hat? A Blue Fish or a Pink Fish?
  • Is the tyke as wild as the Wild, Wild West? Guns or Glitter!
  • When you’re fishing for an answer: Lures or Lace?
  • When the stage is calling baby’s name: Ties or Tutus?
  • The end zone is nigh! Touchdowns or Tiaras?

Can you think of any of your own? Share them with us! legs of a person representing different gender for a gender reveal party, right leg wearing blue stocking with a doll shoe indicates female and left leg wearing men's loose jeans with a black shoe indicates male


3. What’s the proper gift etiquette for gender reveal parties?

As you know, gifts are a huge part of the baby shower. (We’ll get to that a little later.) But what’s the etiquette for gifts at gender reveal parties? Most gender reveal celebrations take place around the second trimester. It’s not absolutely necessary for guests to bring gifts, but some people feel awkward showing up at a celebration without something in hand.

If you think your friends and family are this type, encourage them not to break the bank—especially if you’re also having a baby shower later on! Whereas baby shower gifts are for the baby, gender reveal gifts focus around Mommy. Here are some suggestions:

  • A pretty gift basket with stretch mark lotion and coconut oil
  • Picture frames or albums
  • A baby book
  • Bottle of sparkling cider
  • A nice box of chocolates;
  • And a pretty little houseplant

If you’ve been invited to a gender reveal party, know that you’re not obliged to bring a gift, but if you’re a stickler for etiquette, we’re sure it wouldn’t be ill-received. It also wouldn’t hurt to go the extra (thoughtful) mile and ask the Mommy what she needs! Here’s an idea: don’t spend any more than US$10. Save your money for the baby shower! young boy wearing glasses handing out a gift for a gender reveal party


4. How do I announce twins at my gender reveal party?

Are you having twins (or more?)—how miraculous! You are such a heroine. Growing one life inside you is tough enough; growing more is stupendous! Announcing your bundles of joy is twice the fun. Have the room segregated into two sections (two for twins, three for triplets, four for quadruplets, and so on—you get the idea), and replicate your gender reveal activity for both sides. Are you going to pop the balloon, or cut the cake, or maybe even blow up a confetti cannon? All you have to do is to reproduce the activity.

  • The twins have the same gender? – Then both sides will reflect the same color
  • Are the twins boy and girl? – Then one side will reveal blue and the other side will reveal pink

Even more exciting is if nobody knows that you’re having multiples—so you announce two things. The gender, and the number of babies you’re expecting. What a cause for celebration, if ever there was one! Dual the surprise, dual the fun!

stomach of a pregnant woman with a drawing of a crane bird carrying a cloth with 2 babies, posing for a gender reveal party photoshoot


5. Can I combine the baby shower and the gender reveal party?

Some people choose to combine the shower and the gender reveal party. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this scenario! However, take into consideration that baby showers usually happen in the third trimester, so if you can wait that long to find out the gender of the baby, well…we believe you could be the most patient person on the planet! Yet, consider two important things when choosing to do a shower-reveal party.

Firstly, understand that you will surrender the control of the party to a trusted friend or relative—make sure they can keep a secret really well! Secondly, Guests will likely want to know the gender of your little one so they know what gifts to bring. Some might even be a little miffed that you’re keeping the gender a secret, because it makes buying the gift a little tougher!

It’s your party, though, so you call the shots, especially if you had it in mind to build up a gender-neutral closet for your baby, anyway. If you feel that your guests won’t appreciate the mystery, why not register your chosen gifts online or at a gift registry in your favorite mall? A lot of stores also have return policies, so you’ve also got the option of returning gifts that don’t suit your plan.

pregnant woman on a shopping looking for things to be used on a gender reveal party

Let’s say you’re having a girl but Aunt Mildred gave a bowtie set. Chances are, the store where she got it has some sort of exchange policy, and you can replace the bowties with some pretty bows, instead!


6. Gender Reveal Games

Games can definitely perk guests up and make the afternoon fun and memorable for everyone! Here are a few of our faves:

Gender Juice Pong Think beer pong—but with a baby in mind!

All you have to do is replace the red plastic cups of your college days with blue and pink cups. Have guests shoot the Ping-Pong ball into the cup that corresponds with their guess. At the end of the game, reveal the gender of your baby. Everyone who guessed right gets a special prize!
people playing beer pong on a gender reveal party using 8 pink plastic cups  people playing beer pong on a gender reveal party using 8 blue plastic cups on a brown table Do you have any fun gender reveal game ideas that you’d like to share with us?


Balloon Reveal Race

Do you remember that good ole company party game where you had to run around and pop balloons with your butt? This is very similar—but out of each balloon that’s popped is either blue or pink powder, confetti, or candy. At the end of the race, it’ll be easy to see which the predominant color is—blue for boy, pink for girl—because of how much powder, confetti, or candy is scattered around the room.

It’s an active and sporty way to help guests guess, and it’s bound to make Mommy and Daddy laugh with how silly the guests will look, popping balloons with their butts! (Older kiddos will have a ball watching this, too!)


Pop the Belly

This one is immensely popular. Set up a board with drawings or cutouts of mom’s silhouette. Attach a balloon to each silhouette to symbolize mom’s pregnant belly. Fill each balloon with pink or blue powder or paint. Guests approach to pop the “belly balloons” with darts. Talk about a colorful way to reveal the secret!


Old Wives Tales

There are a dozen Old Wives Tales to tell the gender of a baby. Why not write down some of them on a chalkboard, and ask your guests to place their votes, based solely on the results of these Old Wives Tales? The winning team gets a special prize!


Wishes for Baby

This game can be both sentimental and funny at the same time. Print out pretty pieces of paper with questions you want guests to answer for your baby. Some questions could include, “I wish you would be good at” and “I wish your favorite food would be.” This is particularly fun if you’re expecting children at the party—future siblings, cousins, or babysitters!


7. Choosing a location for your gender reveal party

A huge aspect of how successful your party will be depends on where you have it. There are so many different types of locations to choose from! We’ve narrowed it down to the type of party you might have.


Casual and Chill

If your party is going to be a chill one, among just close friends and family, then why not have it at home or if you live in a condominium or an apartment, maybe opt for a nice AirBNB? You could whip up some easy snacks and drinks to go along with the gender reveal theme, and DIY all the decorations. The end result? A cozy, intimate party, relaxed and unfussy.


Glamorous and Elegant

If you’re interested in going all-out, then a hotel is the way to go! Hotels usually have function rooms, which they rent out for a consumable. The hotel will take care of the service, the cake, the food, and sometimes even the decorations.

Here’s a quick proviso, though: you can’t be messy in a hotel, so gender reveal balloons that emit colored smoke clouds will probably be frowned upon. If you’re interested in confetti cannons for the big reveal, do ask the hotel first what’s their policy on these sorts of things.


Sporty and Fun

Firstly, If your games include gender juice pong, a balloon reveal race, and a sporty theme, then why not hold your party in a function room? You could even rent out a sports bar for the afternoon—this would be great for the guys, who’d probably get a kick out of the foosball table! This way, you’d minimize the cost of decorating the venue to match your theme. If you hold it in a function room or a hall, that’s just as fun, because you can customize the otherwise-bare room to your liking.


It’s Ba-By-Que!

Do you guys like stoking up the grill? Are weekend barbecues part of your life? Throw a “Ba-By-Que” as your gender reveal party! Whether the barbecue takes place on a roof deck, a back yard, or a pool side, it’s going to be no less fun. The best part about having a barbecue is the mess you can make!

Go all out and rent a bouncy castle for the kids, and put up a Pop the Belly station for the big reveal. Ba-By-Ques are such casual, easy events, that you can pretty much guarantee that big messes are a part of this style of party. Bring out the confetti canons and the colored powder; your guests will expect no less! Do you have any other locations to recommend? Where do you plan to throw your gender reveal party?

plate of white and pink marshmallows on stick with a background of fire ready to be melted for the gender reveal party


8. What sort of theme should I have?

So, by now you should have an idea of the look and feel of your party:

  • Guessing Game
  • Gifts and Etiquette
  • Games
  • Whether it’ll double as a baby shower or not
  • Location

Now, here’s the burning question on everyone’s mind: Do I need to have a theme? Look, you do you. It’s your party, you celebrate how you wish! You have our full support no matter what you decide. Do you wish to go theme-less? That’s awesome; we’re sure you and your guests will have the best time. If you want to employ a theme for your party, here are some fun ideas:


There are so many great sports-themed parties you could throw. You could be gunning for a Lures vs. Lace fishing theme, a Putters vs. Pompoms golfing theme, a Tiaras vs. Touchdowns football theme, or a Bows vs. Baseballs theme; they’re all so much fun! (Also, if you’re the type of Mom who’s not super into mega-girly themes, these work great.)


Rustic theme

Down-to-earth party themes take on all shapes and forms. On the more masculine end of the spectrum is the Wild, Wild West Party, where guests choose between Team Guns or Team Glitter. Then there are the Boho parties, whose delicate accessories are great for a pretty garden or a lovely beach. Let’s not forget the adorable Twinkle Twinkle theme, which abound with shimmering sparkly fun.

blurred photograph of festive lights and people on a gender reveal party


Birds and the Bees

Get ready to welcome your “Bae Bee” with this gender-neutral party idea. The yellow, black, and white theme of birds and bees themed parties make for such a cheerful affair!

Pink or Blue

You can’t go wrong with a classic! The traditional pink or blue gender reveal party theme takes an elegant turn in 2018 with all things sweet. Think about Bellini’s (non-alcoholic for the Mom to Be!) in strawberry or blueberry, a dessert buffet, and gorgeous flowers all around. It’s a feast for the senses—and so Instagrammable!


Bows or Beaus?

If you’re looking at the ‘Staches vs. Lashes guessing game, this theme might be right up your alley. Make it fun with paste-on moustaches and paper eyelashes (the more exaggerated the better!) that the guests can pin on themselves to show which “team” they’re on. Make sure you take lots of pictures of your friends and family looking as adorably silly as they can be! What sort of themes can you think of? Share your ideas with us!


9. Gender Reveal Party Giveaways

If you’re throwing a themed party, we think it’d be great if you made the souvenirs match the theme. Golf balls, honey in tiny jars, pink or blue potted flowers, and pictures of themselves during the party all make for really cute giveaway items. Still stumped? Here are a few ideas:

  • Nicely-packaged hand soap
  • Succulents
  • Candy or chocolates—you can get these customized so the label reflects the date and the occasion
  • Pins or brooches that reflect the theme
  • Popcorn in pretty metal tins
  • Glasses or tumblers etched with the date and the occasion
  • Crocheted booties (extra points for how adorable these are!)
  • Keychains
  • Candles
  • Hand lotion with carabiners or keychains for bags
  • Tiny photo frames

The sky’s the limit! Here’s an idea: check out the local businesses in your area. Chances are, they manufacture stuff that would function marvelously as gender reveal party favors.

4 square shaped wooden pot with succulents as an additional decoration on a gender reveal party


10. Anything else I should know?

We’re not gonna lie to you. Some people don’t like gender reveal parties. There are people out there that believe the gender of a child isn’t reason enough to celebrate. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw one. It’s your chance to kick back, to have fun, to get dressed up for once.

Pregnancy is hard, even if you’re having a delightfully easy one; you’re growing another human being inside of you. It can be exhausting. It’s nothing short of miraculous, and we at Reveal Squad believe that you should commemorate the miracle every chance you get.

We honor you, the sacrifices you make, the changes you and your body are going through, and that’s why we believe so much in what we’re doing.


“We want mommies to make merry, we want mothers to know how important they are.”

Just remember—not everyone’s always going to support what you’re going to do. But that’s okay. Because it’s your chance to shine. It’s your pregnancy, it’s your baby, it’s your miracle, it’s your party. You do you. Make it completely, totally yours, and you have all the fun in the world. You deserve it. Make sure you enjoy it to the hilt.

Get your hair done, if you want to. Buy a new dress, if that’s what you want. Make the party a huge deal, make it a tiny backyard thing. Fill it to the brim with games, or just let the guests enjoy each other’s company on a sunny day. You know your guests best.

a pregnant mother kneeling on the ground with her young daughter kissing the mother's stomach posing for their gender reveal party photoshoot

Most of all—you know what makes you happy. We believe you should go and do that. If they’re really your friends, they’ll be happy for you, even if they may not think gender is a huge reason to celebrate. We think it’s a massive reason to celebrate, and we promise you, we’ll be there every step of the way. Because we at Reveal Squad want to celebrate YOU.

Congratulations, again, and good luck! Share your stories with us! We want to see it all!

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