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The first trimester can be such a nightmare if you don’t throw a gender reveal smoke party! Morning sickness, hormones, nausea, weight gain—physically, you’re a wreck. Preparing the family—husband, kids, parents—for the arrival of a new bundle—emotionally, you’re no better. It’s a roller coaster, it’s more rock than roll, it can be a crazy time.

Woman wearing black sleeveless is suffering from morning sickness on the sink with mirror before her gender reveal smoke party.

Then comes the blessed second tri. This part is fun. The symptoms die down a little bit, but you’re not so huge yet as to feel heavy and immobile. It’s that brief respite in between when you can get to know the little one growing inside you, and really enjoy being pregnant.

It’s the time when you discover baby’s gender—if that’s your wish.

It is the most perfect management of expectations. You just KNOW. Whether you’re into the whole blue and pink arrangement or are opting for something more gender neutral like yellow and green, it’s still lovely to know whether you’re expecting Jack or Jill (or Jaqueline or Jiles, we’re cool with either).

So why not throw a gender reveal smoke party? This way your friends, family, and loved ones can share in your excitement. Besides, it’s an excuse for you to get your hair and nails done, and dress up for a special occasion, even if you’re going for chill and chic in your backyard.

Pregnant woman on a white dress placing her hands in her eyes while surrounded with pink gender reveal smoke.

We’re here to show you an Instagram-worthy way to make a beautiful gender reveal worthy party. It’s called a smoke bomb. It envelops you in blue or pink clouds of smoke—blue for Jiles and pink for Jaqueline. Your guests find out in the funnest way possible, plus the smoke stays long enough to take some awesome photos to last forever.


Gender Reveal Smoke Party: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

Here’s the scenario.

You report for your fifth month ultrasound. This is so exciting! Your bump starts to look like a real baby now, with identifiable limbs, sometimes even sucking a tiny adorable thumb. Motherhood starts to feel very, very real. You’re expecting! You’re growing a tiny human inside of you. That’s a real super power.

So, there are two ways to go about this. Either you ask the sonographer to let you know off the bat—or you keep it a secret. Both could potentially lead to a really fun gender reveal smoke party.


Knowing Me Knowing You

Some people can’t wait to know the gender of their bundle-to-be! There’s just too much infanticipation involved and the suspense is enough to cause heart disease. (Just kidding.) You can still throw a fun gender reveal smoke party even if you know what sex baby’s gonna be—the difference is, you’ll be surprising your guests, as opposed to being surprised yourself.

Hang the balloons in your desired location—just remember, the powder stains, so don’t throw the smoke ceremony inside where there might be furniture that’ll take on the color of the gender reveal smoke bomb (yikes)! During the all-important gender reveal ceremony, get your guests—maybe the godparents, or an especially excited aunt or grammy-to-be—to throw a dart at the balloon. The balloon will emit smoke in blue, to indicate that you’re welcoming a bouncy baby boy, or pink, to show that you’re expecting a beautiful baby girl!

A purple balloon ready to be popped by a dart pin on a gender reveal smoke party having the blue sky as a background.

It’s soooo much fun to hear the excited screams of friends and family. It is really precious to have them share your joy. Isn’t it a perfect celebration of happiness? Plus—the smoke lasts long enough to take some gorgeous instagrammable photos of joyful cheerful faces!


Your Little Secret

Some people meanwhile want to keep the gender of baby a secret—so they can share in the surprise with their guests. Having an event planner is crucial in this scenario. The event planner could be that uber-enthusiastic MIL, SIL, or BFF; just make sure she can keep a secret!

Ask your sonographer to seal the information on baby in an envelope. Hand this envelope over to the event planner, and make sure she keeps her lips sealed, tight!

2 men on a formal attire placing their index finger vertically on their lips trying not to spoil the gender reveal smoke party.

Some people stand right there in the path of the smoke. The smoke would waft all over you in a plume of pink or blue. You’d get a dramatic, gorgeous, memorable shot of you standing there, reveling in the surprise of a baby girl or a baby boy. And—oh my word, if you’re having twins???—that’s TWO smoke bombs that can surround you for a seriously instagrammable series of photographs.

Just remember—the powder that creates the smoke does NOT wash off. So wear clothes you’re willing to part with.

Can you imagine the photos? Your friends and family will be ecstatic for you—and your own happiness will match theirs as you find out what gender your baby is going to be.


Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

We’re glad you decided to throw a gender reveal party. The Reveal Squad believes that every occasion is cause for celebration; that’s why we put so much thought into everything we do. We want to be sure that you have a memorable, wonderful, glorious time, because you and your milestones are so important to us!

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