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We all know what the standard Gender Reveal cake looks like. Gender neutral or thematic on the outside, blue or pink on the inside to signify whether you’re receiving Baby Boy Blue or a Little Pink Princess.

If you’re like most people, though, then you probably find fondant cakes a bit naked without a catchy little saying written in curly icing on top!


We’ve assembled some of our favorite words for the gender reveal cake for you to choose from:

1. Prince? Princess?  A two-layered white gender reveal cake with pink ribbon, shoes decoration with baseball or bows theme.
2. What will it Bee?
3. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are…
4. Baby (your family name goes here)
5. Oh, Baby!
6. What’s the Scoop? (perfect for an ice cream cake!)
7. Staches or Lashes
8. Boy or Girl, Who’s Joining the World?
9. He or She?
10. Pink or Blue, We Love You!
11. He or She, We Can’t Wait to See!
12. He or She, Open to See…
13. Touchdown or Tutus?
14. Bows or Arrows?
15. (Put the name choices on your gender reveal cake — on the blue side, your chosen name if you get a boy, and on the pink side, your chosen name if you get a girl!)
16. Lures or Lace?
17. Cupcakes or Stud Muffins?
18. Waddle It Be?
19. Guns or Glitter? Pistols or Pearls? Boots or Bows? (Yee-haw!)
20. Wheels or Heels?


Wait! There’s more…..

21. Baseballs or Bows?
22. Brother or Sister? (This is a great way to get elder siblings involved—and not feeling left out!)
23. Team Pink or Team Blue
24. Guess Whooo (for an adorable owl theme)
25. Nuts or No Nuts? (Yeah, not the classiest theme, but definitely a top choice for a family with a sense of humor!)
26. Bows or Arrows?
27. Pirate or Mermaid?
28. Race Cars or Ruffles? (Or Wheels or Heels!)
29. Buck or Doe? (Wonderful for hunting-themed parties!)
30. Lil Man Lil Lady We Love This Baby
31. Boy or Girl We “Donut” Know
32. Open to See You Must…Princess or Jedi? (We know you know what theme this is!)
33. Only the Sorting Hat Can See, Witch or Wizard, What Will It Be? (Wingardium Leviosa!)
34. We’re Here for the Sex!
35. Lil Man or Lil Miss

This is the theme that Reveal Squad is partial to because we’ve already got you sorted by way of a fun 24-person party set filled with blue and pink goodies. Think dinnerware, décor items, and the basic essentials you need to throw a fun Gender Reveal party.

For all intents and purposes, once you get this kit, you can concentrate on the funner stuff like decorating, games, inviting your friends, and the Gender Reveal itself! It’s a no-brainer. Check Reveal Squad’s Gender Reveal Party Supplies here and make your party fun and memorable!

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