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You’re 18 weeks in. Your pregnancy is getting so incredibly real at this point. Baby’s about the size of bell pepper, and he’s getting the hang of flexing his little muscles. Your little one is growing quickly, and chances are you’re hungry all the time! However—in the middle of the fatigue, the backaches, and leg cramps, you feel them—the ever-so-slight fluttering of the very first baby kicks. How incredibly exciting to plan for a smoke bomb gender reveal party!

Pregnant woman sitting on a white sofa and holding her ultrasound result as part of a photoshoot before a smoke bomb gender reveal party.

Whether you intend to reveal baby’s gender in a fun and exciting gender reveal party, or just through a sweet pictorial with your nearest and dearest, a smoke bomb can add some real nice value and make your smoke bomb gender reveal so memorable.


Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal Picture Ideas

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Is it BOTH? Isn’t the suspense a killer?

There are so many ways to celebrate a gender reveal.

  1. You could throw a party and go all-out—some people even combine the baby shower and the gender reveal party.
  2. You could just have a cute little pictorial on the beach or a garden somewhere, with baby’s future godparents or your BFFs.
  3. You could find out when the ultrasound reveals baby’s gender, and choose to surprise your closest friends through a fun smoke bomb gender reveal.
  4. You could entrust the gender to a close friend, and have him or her organize a fun way to reveal baby’s gender.

Whichever one you choose, just be sure that it’s memorable. Infuse a bit of romance and drama into the reveal for some gorgeous photographs and remembrances. Imagine having a little heart-to-heart with your Little One when she is 5 and flipping through a photo album (digital or scrapbook, either is cool!) of your gender reveal. “That’s you in there!” you tell your preschooler. Isn’t that such a precious little moment?

Mother sitting beside her daughter, both looking at their photo album from their smoke bomb gender reveal party.

Make sure you produce smoke bomb gender reveal photos that produce that wow factor—to remind you of that special moment, years in the future.


Smoke Bomb Reveal: Names and Their Significance

The moment is so magical. You’ve been growing this perfect human being inside you for five months now. Then you find out what gender baby’s gonna be.

You could get what you were wishing for, whether it’s a princess to round out your rowdy group of boys, or a little boy to add life to your Girl Power family. 

You could be totally surprised, and all of the Old Wives’ Tales and Gender Predictions were wrong, and you’re getting the opposite gender of what you expected. 

You might even be thrown for a loop because you were hoping for a girl, and got a boy instead, or vice versa.


“No matter what the scenario is—we know there’s joy in your heart, and this little bundle of love is on the way to becoming part of the family!”

The minute you find out—the look on your face is priceless. It’s almost as if your heart found a target on which to focus its love and devotion. For some people, baby stopped being a bump and became a real personality.

Dart pin thrown on a red heart-shaped paper attached on the dart board, a game part of the smoke bomb gender reveal party.

Sometimes, this moment is when couples decide on baby’s future name. Maria Popova of brainpickings.org expressed the act of naming beautifully: “To name is to pay attention, to name is to love. Parents name their babies as a first nonbiological marker of individuality among the human lot.”

In other words, for a lot of people, when you first find out the gender of your baby, when you first give your child a name, is when you first fall deeply, madly, irretrievably in love with your child, the way only a parent—a mother—can.

Pregnant woman wearing white t-shirt and jeans sitting on a grass ground thinking of having a smoke bomb gender reveal party for her upcoming baby.
In fact, for first time moms, this is when a lot of women finally feel themselves transform into that wonderful, miraculous, constant human being—it’s when you feel, finally, like you are MOMMY. Essentially, you’ve been named, too. You’ve been identified as one of those earth angels who solve problems and kiss boo-boos and understand math homework.

Commemorate that moment when you find out. All you need is a smoke bomb and a good photographer for your smoke bomb gender reveal.


Smoke Bomb Reveal: Smoke and Mirrors

Today we’re going to discuss how to mount a gorgeous Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal photo shoot with the help of photo bombs. We’re looking for something dramatic, romantic, and so very memorable. The end goal is to have photographs that will last the test of time, and remind you of the joy you feel.



Find a spot outdoors. Think a garden, or your favorite beach, or a park that has some significance to you. It’s gotta photograph well, so if you’re not too sure about the aesthetic of your chosen locale, don’t be afraid to ask a friend who has an eye. Do you have a friend who’s a photographer? Or maybe even a graphic designer, an interior decorator, or an architect? Someone creative can be a huge help.

Here’s an idea: come up with a list of your favorite outdoor locations, and narrow it down to your Top 3. Take a field trip out there with your friend, and snap a few test shots to see how the location comes out on camera.

We recommend sleeping on the shots first, and taking a look in the morning with a fresh eye. Don’t forget to check if you’re allowed to take photographs at the spot! Some public places require permits, and some don’t even allow photographs altogether, so be sure to check first with the person in charge before you set your heart on a location.

Female photographer on a picnic set, taking pictures of a woman with trees as background to be displayed as decor on a smoke bomb gender reveal party.


Grab your sister, your best friend, your mom, or baby’s future godparent, and make sure you swear them to secrecy! When you get your ultrasound, ask the doctor NOT to tell you baby’s gender. Ask her to seal the result in an envelope, which you will pass to your Secret Keeper. She will keep this quiet until the photo shoot itself.


Smoke bombs come in two colors—pink for girls and blue for boys. Both colors come in a set. The one Reveal Squad offers you comes in a cute neutral balloon, with a set of darts, which you’ll use to pop the balloon when the moment arrives. When the balloon pops, you’re enveloped in a cloud of blue or pink smoke—and that’s when you’ll know if you’re expecting Jack or Jill!


We recommend hiring a professional photographer for a smoke bomb gender reveal photo shoot. A pro has all the accessories that will make the photos look dramatic, gorgeous, and memorable. You want photos of the smoke suspended in mid-air—surrounding you, like a pink or blue cloud.

A pro has the science behind getting just the right shot. A smart phone camera may not have the shutter speed or lighting effects you need. And, whereas filters are great for Instagram, try for a natural look. Natural always classy, and no matter what year, your photograph is still goingto look current and relevant.

Know this: although Gender Reveal’s smoke balloons come in three’s, you pretty much only get ONE SHOT. Why? You want to capture that look of surprise, of joy, of infanticipation. No matter how many balloons you pop, you can never replicate that genuine look of happiness.


Word of warning: smoke bombs STAIN. So don’t wear anything you’re particularly attached to. White looks gorgeous with the smoke—and it’s so important to show off your adorable baby bump! Good ideas include a nice clingy tank dress, or a trapeze dress.

Just make sure whatever you wear is in white, and classic enough to withstand the test of time. It should reflect who you are as an individual, so infuse your personality in your outfit!

Pregnant woman on a beach view posing for her smoke bomb gender reveal photo shoot.   Pregnant woman on a white dress poses for her smoke bomb gender reveal pictorial.


Secret Keeper, this part’s for you. Open the envelope. Don’t tell anyone what it says! Take the balloon, and pour the powder in slowly using the funnel provided in the package. Then bring it to a party store for them to blow up.

They can use a bicycle pump for balloons on the floor or helium for floating balloons. This is where you have to coordinate with Mom-to-Be—will the smoke come from below, or from the sides? That’s how you can tell whether to use regular air or helium. Try to do this two hours before the shoot so the air doesn’t have the chance to escape.


All right, here we go! Head to your spot, where your photographer and Secret Keeper will meet you. Stand right in position. Once the photographer has fixed his settings to provide just the right shutter speed, aperture, and so forth, that’s when Secret Keeper throws the dart at the balloon, effectively popping it. Then—TA-DAH—you’re enveloped in a cloud of blue smoke (congratulations, you’re having a boy) or pink smoke (congratulations, you’re having a girl)!

Don’t hold back, now! If you feel the tears of joy bubbling up, don’t swallow them back. There’s no such thing as Ugly Cry when you’re truly happy!


Share your photos with us because we’re excited to see them!

Pregnant woman and her 4 girl friends posing for a picture during their smoke bomb gender reveal party.

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